Andrea looking up, trees, white dog, blue sky in the background

Andrea Pronk-De Palm is an incorrigibly enterprising bilingual editor with writing in her genes, a deep love for books, a passion for online media, an insight in information, an outspoken opinion and her Heart in the Write Place.


Andrea was born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands, where she started her first small business in 2000. She has been writing stories since she could read.

Having been an editor and blogger for the first crowdsourced online publisher in The Netherlands for years, Andrea’s medium of choice is online. As a Medium author, she writes mainly for her own publications Hearts in the Write Place, The Changing Blog, The Healing House and The Home Office.

She lives with her husband –- a writer as well –- and their rescue Amstaff, three Sussex chickens and a rooster in a small farmhouse in the north of The Netherlands.